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Rock Street, San Francisco

It can be a pain when you have a great older smartphone, which has been working just fine and dandy, until wham it suddenly doesn’t.

Sometimes, that problem might just be as simple as a switch or button not working anymore.

If this is the case, you really don’t need to chuck it away just yet, try fixing it for yourself.

Especially if the contract is up on the phone, you don’t have much to lose by trying. Here are our tips;


This is something worth considering if your volume button is feeling the strain on your old android phone.

In fact, you could also try it for a wonky or malfunctioning power button as well.

This is an app which adds a panel onto your screen and allows you to have access to all those keys and buttons you might not be able to use anymore. Try it for a variety of applications, such as the volume control, camera, making calls, home and of course, the all important on and off switch.

If the phone has been rooted, you can also get it to do search and back, to mention just two more functions.


This is not the only option open to you if you find yourself, for example, needing a new volume control.

You could also try a Volume Control Widget, which is free and utilizes a slider, for alarms and media volumes.

There are other apps available, some of them free. To find out more, download our free guide.


When it comes to repairing an iPhone button, your options are more limited.

If you are really stuck, you will be able to find a comprehensive guide to attempt this yourself. Although there are no guarantees it will work!

Before you get your screwdriver out, check these things first;


Check that the button is not simply dusty or gummed up. If you can gently clean it up, then this might help.


You may be able to use the phone via its Assistive Touch feature. This can set a home button, onto the screen.

To switch it on, go to settings, then general. Next, go down and select Accessibility. Now turn on Assistive Touch.

Now you should be able to get the use of your home button back – at least!

We know DIY smartphone repairs can be tricky and require patience. So if these tips do not help, bring your broken device to our team for a speedy recovery!

Post Author: Arthur Caldwell